Supporting Colleagues

Overwhelmed? The pace and demands of legal practice can be daunting, and in a small Vermont practice, achieving balance can be a challenge. Sometimes we all just need an extra hand around the office to get through a busy patch or untangle an unexpectedly complicated turn of events. Call Hill Attorney PLLC for knowledgeable assistance with research, motion and appellate brief drafting, a second seat in complex litigation, or substitute or conflict counsel -- you’ll get the help you need without giving up your client base.


Litigation   -- Appeals

Research and Motion Drafting  -- Complex Litigation Support

Disciplinary Action Representation -- Substitute and Conflict Counsel



Don’t tough it out, and don’t hesitate. The responsibilities and deadlines of lawyering are intense, and anxiety, depression or substance misuse can cloud your judgment. Call the Vermont Lawyers Assistance Program. 1-802-355-4352

Helping Writers, Musicians and Artists

It isn’t easy being creative. That idea for the new novel or refrain for a new song that hits in the middle of the night, the sculpture that never seems to be finished, or the twenty paintings you need to get done and framed in time for clients to pick up for holiday presents -- who has time to deal with the business end of it all? As a musician and published nonfiction, fiction author and poet, Attorney Hill is well aware of the problem. Although legal services cost money, they are a worthwhile investment in your artistic vision. Getting your copyrights registered, forming an LLC or making sure your will includes provision for transferring your intellectual property interests helps protect the value of your creativity. Let Hill Attorney PLLC help you out with that -- so you can get back to the drawing board.



Copyright Filing and Licensing -- Copyright Litigation

LLCs and Small Business Formation -- Publication Contracts

Gallery and Commission Contracts -- Legal Issues Manuscript Review



Need help registering or defending your trademark? Call Attorney Doug Riley at Lisman Leckering
Want to learn more about building your creative business? Contact the Vermont Arts Council, and check out their “Breaking Into Business” program.

Representing Vermonters

Justice should be about being treated fairly, whether you’re entangled in civil litigation or charged with a crime. Unfortunately the civil and criminal justice systems can be a thorny thicket of confusion and anxiety, and fairness can get lost when you don’t understand the options.  Being represented by an attorney ensures that you understand the potential pitfalls and can make informed decisions about your best path forward.  Let Hill Attorney PLLChelp guide you over that rocky road of legal conflict.



Civil Rights -- Criminal Defense

Firearms Law -- Fish and Game Law

Boundary Disputes -- Small Business Formation



Forming an NFA gun trust? Call Michael Shane at the Marsicovetere Law Group

Looking for a divorce or custody attorney? Try the attorneys at Marsh and Wagner

Real estate transaction? Call Deppman and Foley.


Serving Towns, Non-Profits and Neighbors

Change can be a good thing. But development that damages our natural environment and cultural resources, or diminishes the quality of life and property values of neighbors, deserves a hard look. All too often, harmful development is approved without thoughtful review unless neighbors, non-profits or municipalities get substantively involved in local, state and federal proceedings.  Hill Attorney PLLC can held ensure your voice is heard. 



Environmental Law -- Land Use and Act 250

Utility Law and Section 248  -- Historic Preservation

Non-Profit Organizations -- Municipal Law




Not every attorney can handle every case -- if Hill Attorney PLLC isn’t right for your environmental or town legal matter, try one of these highly qualified Vermont municipal lawyers: 
Attorney Paul Gillies at Tarrant, Gillies and Richardson
Attorney Richard Saudek at Diamond and Robinson